Saturday, March 24, 2012

Pinning to Pinterest

In recent weeks, I have been reading several posts on blogs about copyright violation due to the pinning of photos.  I am no artist, but I do plainly state on my sidebar that the words and pictures are there for anyone to look at.....and I hope enjoy.....and I do request that you please ask my permission before using any of my photos.    I would most likely agree to let anyone use my photos if they ask, but I think it is just wrong when someone visits and takes them.  As a result, I have added the HTML code to try to prevent pinning of my photos.  I respect the copyrights of others and hope that others would afford me the same consideration.
If you have pinned one of my photos without asking, I would appreciate you unpinning my photo.  I hope this post does not offend anyone who visits as it is not my intention.

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