Saturday, March 13, 2010, it's been a long time.

OH my, it has been a long time! Can't believe my last posting was July 30,2009. I told you in that post DH & I were getting ready for a move to Australia. In October we made that move and have been adjusting to life in a new country and seeing a few sites. You know you are not in Kansas anymore when you look out the airport window and see mostly planes that look like this.
Yep, those are all Quantas planes....and I was sitting in the Sydney airport waiting for the next leg of my flight taking me to an airport in rural Victoria where I will live for the next 2 years. Not only have I seen the kangaroos on the tail of the planes, but I regularly see them like this.
I snapped this at the local golf course. DH plays on Sunday afternoons and I walk along snapping pictures. The kangaroos are everywhere on the golf course. This momma was nice enough to stand and let me take her picture and little joey stuck his head out of the pouch at the perfect moment!

Not only have I seen kangaroos in their natural habitat, but we drove about 25 miles and saw this little guy in his natural habitat.
See that cute koala....well we went to this forest area arriving about midday and we saw 16 of these guys as we walked along the trail. Not only did we see these guys, but there were herds of kangaroo too.

We haven't traveled much yet, just to see things in our area. I've been surprised by the diversity of landscape within 2 hrs. of where we live. This is what my area looks like.....flat farmland and many, many vineyards.
See all that green......those are grape vines. There are also olive groves and lots of fruit orchards in the area. Within 2 hrs. we also have areas like this
This was taken when we drove up Mt. Buffalo. I was surprised to have mountains like this so close to us.

When I arrived in AU, I had already made contact with a group of ladies who quilt in the area where we were to live. They have taken me under wing and welcomed me so warmly. They have made the adjustment for me so much easier. We meet and sew every two weeks....or as they say... every "fortnight". Not only are they welcoming me to their sewing group, they are also teaching me "Aussie slang", introducing me to typical Australian foods, and trying to get me to develop an Australian accent to go along with my Texan...Virginian....Missouri accent. is my stitching coming along. Well, I had to bring only sewing that I could do by hand, so I brought the papercuts on blue background that I showed in my post on April 13, 2009. I now have 9 completed and I'm well on the way to completing number 10. I haven't taken pictures of them, but I will try to lay them out and get a picture for my next post. My postings to this blog will not be regular as I do not have unlimited internet access as I had in the US. I will post as often as I can....and some postings will not have pictures. I do hope to get back to posting more often than I have been!