Saturday, May 31, 2008

Blooms, blooms, blooms!

I've mentioned a few times that I love flowers....and plants. I took photos and shared some in my last post, but my pictures were no where as good as those my daughter took with her camera. Her photography ability far exceeds that of her "dear old mom".

Here's a picture she took of my amaryllis. You can also see the hosta I have planted in that bed. The red really looks nice with the green of the hosta.

And here is a close up for the bloom on my clematis. This plant is only 3 years old and is blooming nicely. I am so pleased to have nice blooms this year. In past years, a local bunny rabbit and I usually fight over this plant. The bunny wants to eat it off as new growth appears and I want it to grow so I can enjoy the beautiful flowers. I usually win after said bunny has eaten it off several times. This year I've seen him across the street in the neighbors yard. I'm so happy he decided the grass and plants in their yard was more tasty than in my yard!!

Thanks to DD for letting me share her photos!

I did do something sewing related today. DD and I went to JoAnn's and bought some fabric to sew her a blouse and a jumper. Guess my sewing time will be garment focused for a while. I will share pictures of what I sew even if it isn't a quilting item. Maybe I can talk DD into modeling for me!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

No Stitching....but plants and flowers.

Life is a bit crazy these days. I've been on the road again traveling. Hopefully that is over for a while because I'm tired of going! I'm not a person who really enjoys going. I like being home and relaxing.

I have not had much time for stitching lately. I had to get my plants out of the basement and I did plant a few veggies. This area has had nice rains and my plants are looking nice. Since I have nothing stitched to share....I'll share my plants. I think you might be able to tell I love plants too!
I don't have a garden plot, so I plant tomatoes and peppers in pots and mix flowers with them. My tomato in the whiskey barrel (pic on the right) is doing very well. I planted a few marigolds in with it and flat leaf parsley, chives and 2 cucumbers, but a lot of the other green stuff in the barrel is flowers that have come up from things that were planted in the barrel last year. I think there are petunias, verbenas, and marigolds that all have come up as volunteers. In the picture on the left, I also planted an orange roma tomato and leaf lettuce with that. The tomato is a new variety for me, so we will see how well it does. In the square planter, I have a dracena (sorry I cut the top off in the pic) and geraniums that have been in that planter for 5 yrs. now. I move them into the basement each year. That's why I have flowers so early!

I also like hanging baskets. I went to a local discount store and the fuschia plant in the photo on the right was marked down.... 50% off. Well, I just couldn't leave it there since it was such a bargain. I'm hoping the hummingbirds that I love to watch will find it. It has a ton of buds ready to open. I usually plant my own hanging baskets as they are so expensive to buy ready made. I like them with a variety of flowers. The one in the photo on the left has geranium, million bells, verbena, marigold, and a yellow daisy like flower. I'll share pics of this one again after it fills in.

I also have this little protected bed in my backyard. I set the pots of amaryllis back here. See the pretty red one. That one is a year old. The blooms look like velvet. You can also see my older one in the background. That one bloomed earlier. In that bed, I also have a large hosta, a bleeding heart, and my clematis (variety Nelly Moser) . You can see DD trying to take a picture of the bloom. I also planted a bell pepper in the very corner of the bed where it does get sunlight....and some impatients where there isn't much sun.

DD is home to stay with us for a couple of months. She is trying to pass the bar exam in TX. Her first try at it was unsuccessful. She missed passing by 10 points out of 1000. She was working full time and studying in the evenings. In law school, they were told not to work and to study 10 hrs. a day to pass it. After getting her scores, she decided in order to pass it, she would leave her job and devote her full time to studying for it. With her being home 2 months and studying all day.......we hope this next time will be her time to pass. I will most likely drive with her to TX in July when she takes it. Then she will have to wait 2 months to know if she passes. Those will be anxious times for both her....and this mom!

I hope to soon have some sewing items to share. My fingers are itching to stitch again. Now if I can just find the time!

Monday, May 12, 2008

I'm home again

I'm back from Texas. Had a nice time down there. Went to my niece's wedding. She was married in this church in the hill country town of Boerne.

This church was at the center of a US Supreme Court case several years ago concerning historic preservation desired by the city...and enlarging the building desired by the fast growing congregation. The city won, but then allowed them to add on to the building anyway. Can you see the modern section? It was all added at the back of the building and that seems like a win-win situation. You can see the roof of the new addition on each side of the building through the trees if you look closely. This church is just beautiful inside!

While we were there, we also visited my husband's brother who lives in the same area. His nephew is in 4-H and involved with horses. They were having a trail ride for the kids in 4-H on Saturday morning, so we went for a little while before we had to dress for the wedding. Here is part of the group getting ready for their group photo.

It was on the Sister Creek Ranch. This place has some beautiful scenery. I snapped a few photos and thought I would share them since they turned out pretty well. I have no affiliation with this ranch, but I sure enjoy my short visit there. I've tried to provide a link to their website if you would like to look at some of the wonderful pictures they have there or read more about their facility. The owner and staff were such nice people!!