Saturday, May 31, 2008

Blooms, blooms, blooms!

I've mentioned a few times that I love flowers....and plants. I took photos and shared some in my last post, but my pictures were no where as good as those my daughter took with her camera. Her photography ability far exceeds that of her "dear old mom".

Here's a picture she took of my amaryllis. You can also see the hosta I have planted in that bed. The red really looks nice with the green of the hosta.

And here is a close up for the bloom on my clematis. This plant is only 3 years old and is blooming nicely. I am so pleased to have nice blooms this year. In past years, a local bunny rabbit and I usually fight over this plant. The bunny wants to eat it off as new growth appears and I want it to grow so I can enjoy the beautiful flowers. I usually win after said bunny has eaten it off several times. This year I've seen him across the street in the neighbors yard. I'm so happy he decided the grass and plants in their yard was more tasty than in my yard!!

Thanks to DD for letting me share her photos!

I did do something sewing related today. DD and I went to JoAnn's and bought some fabric to sew her a blouse and a jumper. Guess my sewing time will be garment focused for a while. I will share pictures of what I sew even if it isn't a quilting item. Maybe I can talk DD into modeling for me!

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Norma said...

Lovely flowers, having them to look at would just make my day. Glad to hear that your bunny is spreading his eating around the neigbhorhood! It would be hard to be mad at a bunny! LOL

Lucky lady, your DD, to have someone to sew for her. Considering what I see in the stores, I wish I had someone. Who wears that stuff?