Sunday, June 8, 2008

Rainbow Sherbert and Liquorish Applique

Wrote this post on Sunday evening, but had to shut the computer down due to thunderstorms. Seems those are almost an everyday occurrence in this area!

I realized today that this is the week for my applique class. In the past I have posted several pictures of the botanical blocks that I've made in those classes. Our instructor has started us on some of the patterns that she designs and calls "papercuts". I am not through with my botanical blocks, but I decided to work on at least one of the papercuts to see if I was going to have any problems or questions for her this month. Here's a look at my progress.

The background appears to be navy blue in the picture. Actually it is a very dark charcoal grey. The batik is one of my most favorite pieces of batik fabric. I have enough to make 4 of these papercuts. I'm thinking the 4 blocks will become a wallhanging or maybe a table topper. I think I'll call these blocks "Rainbow Sherbert and Liquorish". The blocks are about 18" square. The design is traced onto freezer paper and cut out like a paper snowflake. It is then ironed onto a square of the top fabric. The design is drawn on that top fabric with a mechanical pencil or marking pencil that will show up on the fabric. While the freezer paper is still the top fabric square onto the background square. Mine is pinned with several small brass safety pins on the backside placed randomly all over the square and then I use small applique pins in the area I am stitching on the top side. Stitching is begun by carefully inserting the blade of the scissors between the two layers and cutting a few inches of the top fabric leaving about 1/8 inch of seam allowance. Then the needleturn method of applique is used to stitch the layers together. You continue to cut and sew a few inches at a time. My sewing kit to take this project when I go somewhere consists of one spool of neutral thread, a dozen applique pins, and a small pair of very sharp pointed scissors. All these items can be easily carried in a small ziploc bag which makes for a very portable project.

Now, if only life weren't so busy.....I could settle down, get my projects prioritized, and actually finish some items!


Norma said...

This is so pretty. I love the fabric but whoa, I would be pulling my hair out by the hand full. Really takes patience to applique like that, it is wonderful!

jovaliquilts said...

Beautiful piece! Makes me wish I liked to applique.

I hear you about those thunderstorms, as we've had them here too. One town a few miles away had floods up to the stop signs. Not good.

Anonymous said...

We too have an empty nest now.
I love applique myself and enjoyed looking at your piece, beautiful and it is so portable. If I applique lots off pieces I glue them in place with Roxanne basting glue and still only need a small bag.

kjquilts said...

This is amazing! I love to applique and would like to try this! Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. Come back again soon!