Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Guessing game

Let's play" guess what the weather was at Belvie's house on Monday"!!! Enlarge the picture below and look at the wire on the tomato cage. I bet you can figure it out.
You can see my hummingbird feeder hanging there. I need to make fresh liquid to put in that today! My cherry tomato plant is doing well and has lots of little ones on it. My roma plants also have lots of little ones on them. I just wish they were ripe since the news about tomatoes and salmonella. I eat lots of tomatoes. And, if you guessed that it was raining at my house again on Monday......you would be RIGHT! We had light rain all morning. At least we weren't having severe thunderstorms. I'm thankful for that.

There was no stitching at my house yesterday. I had to do my weekly shopping. DD came in the kitchen as I was washing things to put them away and she said my sink was colorful and pretty. Here's a picture of my fresh items.
Before I clean my veggies, I thoroughly scrub and disinfect my sink. I have a raised wire rack that I put in the bottom. It keeps the veggies raised about 3/4" above the bottom of the sink. I then rinse them thoroughly with cold water.....I spray them with hydrogen peroxide...then white vinegar...then rinse with cold water. I then repeat that again. I let them drain and then put things in the refrigerator. My family knows that everything in my refrigerator is clean and ready to eat except things in the very bottom drawer of the refrigerator. Do you have a special method of cleaning your fruits and veggies? If so, I'd love to hear about it.

See those big green peppers in the picture above. Those are jalapenos. I slice them in half longwise, made a meatloaf mixture and stuffed them....and baked them slowly for about 1 1/2 hrs. They turned out wonderful. They were a little hot, but the flavor was so good. I always make tomato gravy when I cook stuffed peppers, and so I did the same with these. To complete the meal, I made mashed potatoes, steamed broccoli, and a carrot and raisin salad. It was a colorful meal. I should have taken a picture, but never thought to do that.

When I had my camera in the kitchen, I also took a picture of my African violets. A couple of them are blooming beautifully. I have a wide area behind my sink where I keep 3 of them (only 2 are blooming). They seem to like it there and I really enjoy looking at them as I work.

Hope you aren't bored with flower pictures because I have one more to share. My fuchsia plant is doing nicely on my back patio. I have never been able to grow these, but this one seems to be doing well. It is loaded with the little buds. Hummingbirds love the bright pink and purple blooms. Hope they find this one as I love watching those little birds!

My week is going to be a busy one and I probably won't post for a while. In-laws are coming to visit this weekend. My time for the rest of the week will be devoted to cleaning the house and doing some baking to prepare for them......but I will take time out on Thursday for my applique class. I deserve that break!!


Norma said...

You will deserve a break after they leave too! LOL

We have hummingbird that is in the yard a lot, think there is a nest or something in one of the trees. The flowers are lovely, ours are faded and starting to show heat stress. We could use some of your rain here.

Finn said...

Hi Belvie, what a great way to clean your veggies. I didn't know you could use something like the hydrogen perx. on them..thanks!
Wanted to pop over and thank you for the imfo about the Hallmark movie. It really is a lovely movie. Sad in parts, but not always in the way you would think. For me, watching him deal with the changes in the foundation of his life was very sad and painful. To return from that horrid war, and find no welcome of any sort...very painful. But all in all, it really neat movie. I suppose it might be available on DVD or VHS at your library? I've bought some of the Hallmark movies from Hallmark.com after seeing them tv.
Love the shot of your yard. Hugs, Finn