Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Once again my nest is empty. I struggle as the kids leave and go their separate ways because I know it will be a long time before I see them again since one is in TX and the other in MD. I did get a little extra time with DD as we traveled to TX with her to visit DH's elderly parents who also live down there. FIL is 87 and not in real good health. While there we got to see a lot of family that we haven't seen in years. We all enjoyed the visit.

I was happy to come home though. After having lived away from the heat and humidity of south TX, I've become a softy. I hate that hot, sweaty feeling. Somehow, 80 degrees in Dec. no longer seems "Christmasy" to me. I've become accustom to having cold weather during the holidays....and I actually look forward to it each year. I'm one of those sick people who actually like snow and cold weather. Because I was gone, I'm so far behind. I still have outside decorations to take down....and decorations inside as well.

I've thought a little about what I want to accomplish in 2009. First of all, I want to work very hard on shedding a few pounds and doing the very best I can to lower those all important numbers associated with my diabetes. I am going to concentrate on completing some quilts that I have all the blocks complete, but not put together. They were BOM projects done through a local quilt shop. I will share pics as I work on those. I'm going to limit new projects that I start, but I will allow myself to start some new ones if I feel like it is something I really, really want to do. I want my sewing to be fun stuff! Since I am the "bookkeeper" in my family, I want to get my paper work in order and shred the unnecessary clutter that always accumulates. This spring there is also a little outside painting in my future. The porch rails need a new coat of paint. And then as spring comes on, I have plans for a small garden. I hope I can also do a little better at posting to my blog. Over these holidays, I put family first because they are important.

I'm hoping for a productive 2009!


Amelia said...

Hey lady, I think I heard you holler "hello" when you went thru Oklahoma both times..just kidding. Glad you are back to the cooler/cold temps.

2009 - a time to complete some projects that have been floating in the back part of our brains....I am with you on that. Loosing the weight - just got clothes are really letting me know I consumed too many sweets during the month of Dec.

so-long - have a productive day!


SueR said...

My kids are 19 and 23, and I fear the day when they may move away from Maine. Sounds like you had a great visit over the holidays though. I'm with you on the weather--I love the weather up here in Maine. We're having a snow day today! You'll be busy with all you want to do in the new year. Keep on keeping on!

Anonymous said...

Hi Belvie, We haven't swapped howdies in a long time. I like winter and especially during the holiday time too. Christmas in the southern warm climate feels different when one is used to winter then. From your post, I can tell we have a lot in common.
Happy New Year.