Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Sewing, Planning, Cleaning

Even though my posts are not regular, I am busy. I have been sewing, planning a few new projects, and cleaning.

One of the things I sewed recently was pillowcases for DD. Now, before I show them, I have to first give a little history. As new parents, DH and I started reading to our kids as babies. There was a bedtime story every night and most of the time those were from Little Golden Books. As our children got old enough to talk, they began to ask for their favorite story. DD's favorite was "Three Little Kittens" and we read it over and over again. We still have all those Little Golden Books! When DD and I were out shopping this year just before Christmas, we made a quick stop at LQS. DD found "Three Little Kitten" fabric and she begged for some pillowcases. So, what's a mom to do??? That's right, buy the fabric and make them for her 29 yr. old DD to accommodate those fond memories she keeps alive from her childhood.

I also made a couple more bucket bags. I decided to experiment with different size squares. The black, red, and tan bag was made with a 2 1/2 inch square and the primary color bag was made with a 3 inch square. The black one is for DD and the primary color.....I'm thinking that one might go to my niece. These are so fun to make. The Welsh Quilter posted a wonderful tutorial on making these bags.You can find her blog here. You then need to look back at her archives to June 23, 2007 to find the tutorial.

I also got in the closet and pull another UFO. I pulled out a BOM from several years ago. I have 12 blocks finished, but I was going to do 2 of each to make a large quilt. I cut and sewed on a couple of the unfinished ones this past weekend. I'm going to keep them out and sew on them each time I'm up in my sewing room. I only took a picture of one to give you the idea of the colorway.

And for my last thing to share. Several weeks ago I found out my niece was pregnant. I debated about making flannel receiving blankets or a baby quilt. DD said I should do a baby quilt, so I cut all the pieces to make a Bear Paw. I'm using pink, blue, yellow and green. Here's a couple of the blocks I made.

Then I found out 2 of my husband's nephews are also expecting first I have gone back and bought enough fabric to make 2 more. Think I will make them all alike so there is no issue about one being nicer than the other!


Pieceful Afternoon said...

Awww, what cute pillowcases, and what a sweet thing to make for her to remember her childhood. I love the flannel bearpaws too.

Norma said...

It is wonderful that she has those childhood memories, and wants to remember them. Sometimes, I don't think we realize the impact a simple thing we do has a on child's life.

The bear paws are so cute. Those are lucky babies to have those coming their way. I love to sew for babies.