Wednesday, December 9, 2015


While we were living in Australia, I decided one of the things I wanted to bring home with me was a crock from Bendigo Pottery.  We made a day trip there to visit and do a bit of shopping.  DH and I decided that a fermenting crock would be a nice souvenir and a useful addition to our kitchen.  Isn't it a pretty crock and each time I look at it, I have such fond memories of our time in AU!

A few weeks ago I started my first small batch of saurkraut.  It turned out very well.  We enjoyed eating some and I canned 3 pints for future use.  I will make a much larger batch next time as DH and I both like kraut.
Since I had the canning equipment out, I decided to also make a batch of pizza sauce and can that.  By making my own sauce I can control the ingredients to accommodate my dietary needs.  I usually make one pizza and I always have extra sauce since the cans available at my local store are large cans.  My small jars are perfect for one pizza with lots of veggies.

Tomorrow I plan to work on my mystery quilt and then maybe a few small items that I plan to give for Christmas gifts.  Hope my plans work out!

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