Tuesday, January 10, 2017

One Done...and One Working

Here it is!  My Cathedral Window Quilt all finished.  It was a long time in the making since this was mostly all hand sewn except for 2 small seams on the muslin base squares.  The project flew back and forth across the Pacific with me and I sewed on it in both the US and AU.  I am so happy it is finished!

Now on to other items in need of finishing.  I have decided I will try to work on finishing up projects in 2017.  I do plan to participate in some BOM sew alongs, but will try to limit myself on starting new projects until I complete some old ones.

This top has been hanging in the closet waiting to be layered and basted.  I decided now is the time.   It is about half basted after working for a few hours yesterday afternoon and I hope to finish basting today so I can begin  basting another quilt top that is complete.  That will give me 2 basted projects ready for quilting!  I will hand quilt this applique quilt, but the other quilt is a scrappy patchwork....and I may try my luck at machine quilting that one.

Please excuse the mess in my sunroom.  It is a small room, but nice and light to work in, so I just move thing against the walls in order to have space.  I love houseplants and they seem to like this room.  The big plant at the end of the quilt is now 38 years old.  It was a small plant in a 6 inch pot when I got it.  It has moved around the country with me.  My silly Christmas cactus is just beginning to bloom.  I can never get it to bloom for Christmas.


Teresa said...

A cathedral window quilt is an accomplishment for sure and yours is lovely

Belvie said...

Thank you so much for the lovely compliment. There were times when I thought I would never finish it, but I was determined!