Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Lately my time has been spent sewing some small items. I've needed to make a few gifts and some canvas bags for DD. This past weekend I made a journal cover for a 13 year old niece.

I made up my own pattern and used one of the composition books that you can buy at an office supply store or at WalMart. I put a divided pocket on the front with a place for a pen on one side. Here's what it looks like opened up.

There are somethings I could do to improve my pattern. I'm planning to make more of them, so I will try the improvements on the next one.

This last photo is of the backside. I chose to have the flap closure fold around to the back and fasten with Velcro. This was fun to make!


Sue said...

I mostly make large quilts, so I love putting aside some days to work on little things. There is so much satisfaction in seeing a finished product quickly sometimes.

The journal cover is very cute, your niece will love it!

Kristie said...

I just love your journal cover! That is such a great idea! I'm sure she will love it.

jovaliquilts said...

This would make a great quilting journal notebook too! I have that black fabric with the bright circles -- love it!

Laura said...

I love your journal cover! That's a great idea to use a composition book - it's sturdier.

Norma said...

I think your niece is pretty lucky to have you for an aunt. She will be asking you to make one of these for all her friends!

I really like that black fabric.....my kind of stuff!