Friday, April 25, 2008

Spring Fever

What have I been up to?? Well, not much. I truly think I have a bad case of spring fever. Remember my red tulips I shared in a previous post? Well,I now have another variety of red tulips blooming. The bulbs for these are some I found for $1 at a local bargain store. I think my $1 was well spent!

I've also caught myself gazing out my back windows because I've had these little folks visiting.

I filled and hung all my bird feeders last weekend. It seems that I have had more birds visiting my feeders than in past years. I've had finches, purple finches, cardinals, and bluebirds. I have a feeder filled with wild bird seed...and one filled with thistle seed for the finches. The little finches above chose to dine on the wild bird seed.

Sunday was the first fairly warm day in our area. Lots of folks were out and about. DH wanted to get out and this is where we went.

This is a golf course in a rural area not far from our home. He loves to play golf....I don't play at all, but I do like to walk and this course is welcomes me to walk with him as he plays a round of golf. It's a wonderful place for me to get exercise and spend some time talking with him as we walk from hole to hole. In addition to the exercise, there's a lot of nature to observe. If you enlarge the water picture above, you might be able to see a blue heron that was flying around while we were there. He landed in the end of the lake and went fishing.

In another section of the course, we saw another blue heron. He caught his dinner!

While many of the trees are just beginning to bud, the Bradford pears are in full bloom and are just lovely.

I'm enjoying my case of spring fever this year. I promise I will eventually get back to sewing and quilting and will have pictures of those items to share. Oh, and my walk around this golf course as I took these pictures was just under 5 miles!


Vicki W said...

and may you never recover - Spring Fever is a wonderful disease!

Kristie said...

How beautiful!!! I love the look of Spring! I really need to fill my feeders too.

Laura said...

OH MY! 5 miles!!!! Ed would have to rent a golf cart in order for me to go along with him!!!! Your flowers and birds are beautiful! Isn't it amazing how spring time lifts your spirits!