Thursday, September 25, 2008

Recently I made a trip to the apple orchards near where I live. I make a trip out there each fall to get apples because they are so much better than any I can buy in the grocery store. I bought plenty and like so many others....I've been canning some of them. Here's what I did early this week. The pint jars have Gala apples slices and the half pint jars have sugar free peach jam. I canned the apple slices without adding sugar too. I'm a diabetic so it will be nice to have these sugar free treats later on. I still have more apples in the refrigerator to can. I plan to make applesauce with those.

I have not been doing a lot of stitching. Just a little in the evenings. I am making slow progress on the blocks for my Rainbow Sherbet and Licorice wall hanging. I now have 2 blocks completed. As you can see, I have help when I try to take pictures.
I guess Truffles thinks she has to check out my stitching and make sure I'm doing it correctly. This happens each time I lay anything for a quilt on the floor.

Here's a picture without her interference!

These blocks are fun to stitch. The only thing I do not enjoy is working with the silk thread I'm using. I prefer to do my hand applique with cotton machine embroidery thread. DMC is my favorite. With this multi-colored fabric, I couldn't find a cotton where my stitches didn't show, so I ended up using a neutral silk thread. I hate stitching with it as it is so slippy.


Amelia said...

Are you doing all this as a needle turned applique? If so...then dear Lady you are performing is gorgous.

The jars of what you canned look so pretty standing there. Will taste so good this winter when the temperature dips down real low.

Norma said...

We talked about peeling apples together........we did, just miles apart! They look so nice and neat all stacked there, isn't it a good feeling to have all that in your cupboard?

That applique is coming along so great. It looks like it would take such patience, I would be pulling my hair out by the handful. Is this for a quilt or a wall hanging?

Andrea said...

Wow Belvie - your blocks are gorgeous. You must have amazing patience to do those. How many are you planning on ?

Caroline said...

Are these blocks your own designs or a published pattern? I'd love to buy the patterns if they are available! Your colors are awesome!

jovaliquilts said...

Those blocks are really stunning!

kjquilts said...

Your blocks are beautiful! I don't like silk thread either. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment.

Sue said...

Those blocks are incredible! I'm not a fan of silk thread, either, I find it really difficult to work with and have been so happy with my results using Gutermann poly that I don't torture myself with silk anymore!

I can't wait to see more of these beautiful blocks!