Friday, October 24, 2008


We have company coming for Thanksgiving. DH's brother and his family will be here with us. There are 2 little boys in the family and one of them was born on Thanksgiving. I am planning to bake his favorite cake....applesauce cake....for him to enjoy while they are here. We are going to give him $ and let him select something he would like as a gift. I also decided to make him a pillowcase. I don't want the other little boy to feel left out, so I made him a pillowcase too. I think I will let the birthday boy pick first. Here's what they look like. If you enlarge the photo, you can see that the prints I used are perfect for 2 little boys from TX.

These pillowcases are fun to make and they are nice for gifts. While I was making the 2 for the little guys.....I made one for my niece also. I had made my DD pillowcases from this fabric and I still have enough for another 2 cases.

It felt good to sit and sew! I've been in such a slump lately....not sewing or posting to my blog either.


Amelia said...

Well you re alive and still kicking.

I was beginning to think the wind had blown you away...or worse you were ill.

Pillowcases look so great and will be sure to provide good dreams.

Post on your blog what ever in going on your home..we enjoy being post of other peoples live - even if it is in the cyber area.

Hugs from Oklahoma

Norma said...

These are a great gift for the kids. I have made some but they didn't have the contrasting fabric on the bottoms. Maybe next time I will take more time and make them a little nicer.

I know what the slump is, been there for so long it feels normal. We just have to do what makes us happy, but it is good to see a post with nice things in it.

~Bren~ said...

Somehow my bloglines stopped updating you. It was good to catch up. I so enjoyed the quilts from the show...the quilting on the hexagons was incredible!
Your licorice and sherbet blocks are amazing!!!!

jovaliquilts said...

These are really cute!