Saturday, January 21, 2012

Finally Some Stitching

This week I managed to get some stitching done and some pictures taken of my project.  I know there are many ways to put a Cathedral  Windows quilt together.  This is how I have chosen to do mine.  I'm putting it together in squares that are comfortable for me to work with.  I'm setting it together like a 9 patch first.   Here's one in progress.

 I join the squares together, I will go back and stitch the colored squares into the windows.  These are not stitched together, but you can see the windows I will have to fill in when I do stitch them together.  I think I have more than 40 squares like this completed.  I still have a long way to go.

In addition to stitching, I like to watch birds.  These little birds are one of my favorites that I often see in the local area.  DH and I went for a bike ride on the weekend and this little guy was nice enough to pose for us.
Australia Day is this next week.  It will be a long holiday weekend for many folks.  I will finish up with the packing as we move apartments on Monday and have final inspection on the old unit on Tuesday.  It's going to be a busy two weeks so I may not post next weekend.  I will try to get back as soon as I can.

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Winona said...

Belvie, your Cathedral Windows is gorgeous. I have never made one of these, but find them fascinating. Good luck with the move. I will say a little prayer that things go smoothly for you.