Monday, September 3, 2007

It's been a few days since I last posted. I've had a sore throat and being a slug in general. Today I did get out for a little while. This is where I went.
Just the front of this building won't mean much to most people. It is the Sermon Center in downtown Independence, Missouri. They are having SantaCaliGon Days this weekend in Independence. Independence, Missouri was one of the last settlements pioneers heading out on the Santa Fe Trail, the California Trail, or the Oregon Trail would pass through as they journeyed west. So, the folks there have a festival and in the building pictured above....there is a quilt show. I went and snapped a few pics.
This was my favorite! I love applique and the colors in this just appealed to me.

This was an old quilt. I loved the colors and fabrics, but I also loved the quilting. The following photo is a closeup of the quilting.

This stack and whack also caught my eye. Blue is my favorite color, but I really like pink too.

I also thought this little quilt made from the stitchery blocks was cute. I really liked her idea for using the Grandmother's Flower Garden motifs for the cornerstones.

I also did a little shopping at the vendors. I found some cute garden stitchery patterns that I really had to have! They were designed by Crabapple Hill. I had not seen their patterns before. I really liked what they have to offer. Use the link above if you have not seen their designs and would like to take a look.

I have come to the conclusion that I am a person who loves the soft pastels. Those do seem to be what I'm drawn to first. I like all colors....but there is just something about pastels that speak to me.

I snapped a few more pictures, but will save them and post them in my next entry.


Andrea said...

I'm with you on the pastels ! I just seem to get drawn to them all the time. Lovely relaxing colours. Those quilts are gorgeous !

Bren said...

I LOVE the SBS sashing. We will be studying Independence Missouri this year in home school. Thanks for sharing your pics..I look forward to more.

Norma said...

I hope you are feeling better!

I enjoyed the pictures of the quilts. It is so fun when you do something like that and discover something about yourself.

Love the flannel, your family will have great fun on Christmas morning.