Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Sorry I haven't posted, but I've just been busy. Housework had been stacking up and there were somethings I just had to do. I have done a little sewing though. In my last post, I showed you a canvas bag that I had made to take to the grocery store. That bag was 15 inches tall, 14 inches wide, and 8 inches deep. I also mentioned that I was going to make another. I decided I was going to make a large one to carry a quilt to sewing group. I made that one 26 x 23 x 12 and I used scraps from the first bag to make the handles for this larger bag. I laid these two bags on the floor to take this pic.
DH walked in and asked about them. I told him the one on the right is for carrying groceries home.....the one on the left is for carrying fabric home from the quilt shop. He walked out with a silly grin on his face....and saying," I think you have that wrong!!!!"

I also had some novelty fabric on the shelf for a long while and I have wanted to make pillowcases to give to my niece. I got those done.
Last Friday I went to WalMart and while I was in the store, I thought about someone posting lately that their store wasn't going to carry DMC embroidery floss. Sorry, but I can't remember who posted that. I decided to check the store I was in. They had the floss clearanced for $0.10 a skein and the color selection was good. So.....I had to buy a few skeins as it has always been $0.28.
Some of the red is going in a package to my daughter this Christmas. I'm gathering various needlework goodies for her. I already have a book on Hardanger embroidery and some fabric because she enjoys doing that. I have some stitchery patterns with pictures of various coffee items and another with various herbs. I have some tea towels planned and will use the browns and greens on those. Just don't expect to see them soon! Oh....and I did check a second WalMart and their floss was also marked to $0.10. Guess it is on the way out here too!

I'm off to Wednesday sewing group this morning. I'm looking forward to that since I missed last week since I was sick. I don't go when I'm not well because some of the ladies are elderly and have health issues. I know that sewing group is about the only outing they have, so I don't go share germs with them. They just don't need that!


Bren said...

Oh my! I need to check my Wal Mart! I was just there yesterday and did not look. Love your bags! I think you have it right. Food never lasts anyway..fabric lasts forever! Glad you're back!

Norma said...

That was my rant and rave about Walmart.....LOL I am going to do another one about how most of the thread was gone at MY Walmart after seeing the great selection you found! My Dh asked me why that was all I got beings it was a good buy and I had to tell him I got what I could use out of what was left! Lots of Wally Worlds in our area, maybe I need to try another one! Great fabric bag but no wheres near big enough! LOL

corry said...

Great idea to make a big bag for a quilt! It must be nice to be a member of a sewing group. That's what I'm missing! I would love to share and quilt in a group, but I haven't found one yet!

Pam said...

Your husband is quite funny - I think you got that right -- LOL

Great idea to have the big canvas bags for shopping. I have quite a few that I've picked up at Whole Foods and such, but I always seem to forget them when I go shopping and still end up getting plastic bags.