Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I finished something.

When I was doing my cleaning and organizing in January, I found a set of pillowcases that I had been embroidering about 8 years ago. I had put them away so I could work on other projects and....of course.....they were not finished. This past week I didn't do much stitching, but I did work on those pillowcases. Here they are...all finished!!! I think the red I used for the bird is a little bright in relation to the colors I used for the dogwood blooms, but I wasn't about to take it out and redo them. That color will do just fine on my pillows.

It certainly does feel good to finally finish some of the needlework projects I started long ago and just didn't finish. I hope I can keep that up during this year and clean out some UFO's. I won't commit to not starting something new because I think that would set me up for failure and frustation. I'm going to allow myself to start small projects, but no large quilt projects until I finish the ones I'm currently working on.

Do you see a theme going here with this post and the one before it? I just realized both projects were cardinals. I mentioned in the other post that I'm ready for spring. Well, that hasn't changed....and we are again awaiting another artic front. Our windchills are to be about -10F tonight. With cold winds like that....I think the only cardinals I will be seeing are the ones on these pillowcases. All I can say is BRRrrrr!!!


jovaliquilts said...

This weekend I heard someone say they thought they had seen a cardinal! Our weather is still pretty miserable, too.

Congrats on the finish!

Kristie said...

I have a couple of cardinals that stay out by my horses, I guess because of the seeds in the hay. I love watching them. The weather hasn't been too bad here in KY and my little one feeds them birdseed constantly too.

I love your embroidery! I think it looks very nice!

Andrea said...

Your pillowcases are beautiful - far too nice to sleep on. I have never seen a cardinal - isn't that sad ? Although I have a lovely piece of cardinal fabric - lol !