Friday, February 29, 2008

Ironing Boards

I've been seeing lots people posting pictures of their ironing boards and decided I wanted to play too. Libby at A Simple Girl is the one who asked to see. In general the covers on all of them are in fair shape. I don't use fusible web when I applique, so I don't have the mess that can create. Mine just get worn with age and use.

I'm lazy. I don't like climbing up and down the stairs in my house to get to the ironing board. My laundry room is on the main floor of my house and my sewing room is upstairs. So....being lazy.....I have more than one ironing board.

Here's the first one. It's a little portable board. When I am piecing, I set it on top of a rolling cart that I have filled with fat quarters. It is sitting just to the right of my chair at the sewing machine so that all I have to do is turn to press something. I love this iron! It's a Norelco steam iron that I bought many years ago. I've tried to buy another just like it but they are no longer made. It gets hot and doesn't spew and spit water when you are using the steam. It has even been dropped on the floor and still works like the day I bought it.

I also have another ironing board upstairs. This one is very old. It and the iron sitting on it were my grandmothers. The iron weighs a ton and is not a steam iron. It still works and when I use it, my muscles get a workout because it is so heavy. This one is set up in what use to be DD's room.

And this last one is the ironing board I keep downstairs. My laundry room is just around the corner. You can see what happens when I don't take it down after I'm through ironing. It becomes the catch all of mail and all sorts of other junk. The iron on this ironing board is my least favorite. I bought it because I had heard lots of people rave about how wonderful they were. What a disappointment! It doesn't get very hot and is a pain in the rear to clean. I won't be buying one like this again. Since it doesn't get very hot, I use it to press DH's shirts for work and the creases in his slacks. My least favorite iron for my least favorite chore!


Libby said...

Wow - another triple threat *s* I have been amazed at the number of gals that have 3 separate boards. Thanks for playing.

Wendy said...

I like the old ironing board with the green legs. I bought an iron made by Black and Decker, not expensive and works like a dream AND it's easy to clean. It's called Digital Advantage, you might want to look for it.

Norma said...

If I had more than one ironing board, I would have more than one covered with stuff. They are so easy to just drop whatever you have in your hand on.

I buy a cheap, light iron........and I never use the steam. I have always used spray starch or sizing or a spray bottle of water. A iron is like a purse, got to have just the right one.

Amelia said...

My ironing board is old...and I mean old. I received as a wedding gift back in the 60's. It is heavy and makese strange noices when opening and closing. Guess I could put some WD-40 on it...but afraid of getting that oily sustance on things where it does not belong.

I have painted it as it got rather pathetic looking.

as for recovering - no telling how many times that has happened.

Will keep it forever!

Amelia - in Oklahoma

Amelia said...

In looking over my last comment appears my typing has taken a turn for the worse...hopefully you can figure out what I was meaning to say. Amelia - in Oklahoma