Sunday, February 3, 2008


Today I had intentions of working on my applique. I am having trouble focusing on that, so I decided to do something else. What to do?? I have nothing prepared and ready to go at the moment, so I grabbed my box of odd sized scraps.
I have been saving my dryer sheets and pressing them to use a backing for string piecing. I took my small scraps and sewed pieces together using the dryer sheets. Here's one of the pieces before trimming.
And after trimming, here's what my blocks look like.

I made 3 of them in just a few minutes. These blocks are 6 inches x 8 1/2 inches. If I do this occassionally, I will eventually have enough blocks to make a lap throw. My Wednesday sewing group makes quilts for a battered women's shelter. Maybe a quilt made from even my smallest scraps would provide a little comfort to someone.


Norma said...

I have sewn mine to muslin and just use full strips but this is my absolute favorite type quilt. I might try the dryer sheets for the scraps that aren't full strips. The muslin makes another layer and that makes a heav quilt for AZ use. Looks like it keeps you out of trouble anyway? LOL

chq said...

A woman after my heart! Scraps are the best, and dryer sheets seem to reproduce, so you might as well get some extra use out them. What a good cause you are donating to. Keep up the good work!!!


Kristie said...

Such a great idea and a good use for these tiny scraps! I love to see all of your projects!!

Wendy said...

What a great idea to put your small scraps to good use. I'm sure the shelter will be happy to get a quilt.

Laura said...

What a yummy box of scraps!!! That's great that you are making something for the battered women's shelter. You have a wonderful heart!

jovaliquilts said...

I like your scrap blocks! I have been saving dryer sheets to do something like that, but haven't used them yet. Do they dull your needle?