Monday, December 31, 2007

I'm finally back from a wonderful visit with our children. The only bad part of the trip is coming and going through St. Louis. I hate the traffic there, and every time we go through there, we see a major accident and this time was no exception. People there drive awful!

We went first to Cumberland MD. to DS's apt. DD came up and we were all together there until the 26th. Then we drove down to Blacksburg, VA and spent several days with DD. Both kids had to go back to work on Dec. 27, but we were still able to visit in the evenings and I had dinner waiting when DD got home. She appreciated that!

I snapped a few pictures while we were out in Cumberland MD. It's a beautiful, old city. The area seems somewhat depressed, but the scenery is wonderful. Dec. 23 was DD's birthday, so we took her out to eat in the downtown area. They are revitalizing that area and have turned one street to pedestrian traffic only. Some of the buildings are so pretty. They had a store in the pedestrian is like the old five and dime stores I remember from my childhood! It was open, so I had to go in. It was like a trip down memory lane! I didn't get a photo of it, but here's a few of the pictures I did get.

This is a shot down the pedestrian street....and yes, that's DH and DD. Also notice my umbrella handle in the shot!!

There is an old movie theatre there. It's not restored yet. DS is in this pic.

I thought this building was just pretty. So I took several shots.

Here's another view.

While we were in Virginia, I went a quilt shop/fabric store that I visited often when I lived in that area. DD had to go to work, and DH had work to do on the the day was mine. The shop is in the little mountain town of Floyd, VA. It is about a 35 mile drive through the mountains and I truly enjoyed that as I love those mountains! I took a few pictures and hope you enjoy looking at them. I also made a few purchases because I found some items I haven't seen in my area. I'll share pictures of the store and my purchases in another post.

Then it was time for the long drive back home. Some how, it is always more fun going than coming.

Oh, by the way....both kids loved their flannel quilts and were rolled up in them watching movies each night we were there.


Kristie said...

Everything looks so neat and tidy. Glad you had such a great time with your children.

Norma said...

I love the pictures of the old buildings. Sounds like you had a great visit with the kids! Glad you are home safe and sound! Happy New Year!

Jeanne said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures of the old buildings in the downtown area. Don't you wonder what they were like in their heyday? I always try to imagine. Glad you had a wonderful trip and were able to spend time with your family.