Saturday, December 8, 2007

It's a little on the cold side today....25F with freezing drizzle when we got up this morning. The temps have been dropping and the drizzle is suppose to change over to good ol' freezing rain. Weatherman says we are in for an ice storm. I've mixed up an extra batch of bread and will get that baked just in case we lose power. There's also a roast in the oven slowly baking, so my house should smell good for the remainder of the afternoon. Roast and mashed potatoes with green beans is on the menu for dinner tonight.

Now for an update on the heat pump issue I posted about. I'm going to have to take back some of my harsh words. When the man came out to give us our estimate, he had looked at our records on our unit. I have had them come out twice a year and do maintenance on it since we bought the house. The estimator told us that was an impeccable maintenance record and that the unit we had should have lasted 15 yrs. with no repairs. He had been in touch with the manufacturer and said manufacturer was willing to discount the cost of new equipment even though the warranty is expired on the old unit. It still isn't a welcome expense and it would have cost a lot more than we thought it would ......but with a discount, it will be within the range we thought.

I have been busy sewing. Here's a little of what I have done over the past few days. I've made these flannel lounge pants and shorts to give my kids for Christmas.

I started making these when they were teens. They would come home from school, change into ones I had made for them and get busy on homework. I've continued to make them through the years as they tell me they are just so comfortable to bum around in. DD told me DS really, really needed new ones because when he came to visit her at Thanksgiving, the whole butt was worn out on some of his. He will get 4 pair of the shorts and 2 pair of the long ones. The long ones with the penguins are for DD since she collects penguins. I still have another pair of short ones to make for DD.

I have a pond by my house. Most times of the year it is so pleasant to look out the window and watch the neighborhood kids fishing. The other day I had several pair of male and female ducks out there. I love seeing them too....especially the male mallards with the beautiful green heads. During the winter however, I'm not happy when I look out and see this!
Yep! That's right. A pond full of Canadian Geese. Being originally from Texas, I use to think they were beautiful birds. Now I think these are about the nastiest creatures on earth. They poop in my yard and hiss at me when I chase them back into the pond. At least today they are on the water and not in my yard. Sure wish they would go visit someone else's pond!!

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