Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Summer is proving to be a very unproductive time for me with my sewing. I am busy, but not with stitching. For some reason those daily activities of life....like cooking, cleaning, ironing, mowing the lawn, caring for the flowers and veggies....are taking lots of my time. My flowers are doing very well and I picked my first tomatoes and cucumbers yesterday! I'm looking forward to fall when life will settle down a little. I always have more time for stitching. Now, while I am busy....I do a few stitches here and there. Over the 4th of July weekend I did finish this block that I had shown you in an earlier post. I have started the second of the 4 blocks I plan to use to make the wall hanging.


Amelia said...

I am like you in that summer time has more work of an outside nature. Does not leave many hours for sewing projects. I do try to do hand quilting each night - but sometimes that is not always possible.

Stay cool as best you can in this heat.

Norma said...

This block is wonderful, lots of tiny stitches in there! I like the colors on the black, very striking.

I can't even use the excuse that I am outside doing lawn work as I am avoiding the outside. I am just in a major lazy bones slump. Oh well, there is a long winter ahead and lots of time to sew.

Granny Lyn said...

oh, oh, oh,,,I can't wait to pick my own tomatos and cukes!!! Ours usually aren't ripe around here for a nother couple of weeks. But when they are, I;m out in the garden with a salt shaker, eating them like apples! mmmmmm

I am the same way with stitches in the summer, we will miss all this wonderful weather in the winter, so we can enjoy it now!

Pieceful Afternoon said...

Even though I don't get much done in the summer as far as quilting goes also - I do love summer the best - warm days, sunshine, kids playing outdoors and squealing in delight.

Your blocks is gorgeous - I love the ways the colors melt together.