Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Testing a knitted Swiffer cover

Two posts in one day....can you believe it! I just had to share an item I finished this afternoon. But first a little info and background.

This morning I swept and dust mopped my hardwood floors. That's something I do daily. I do like to think I keep a fairly clean house....not spotless....but clean enough to be healthy. Some days I even sweep more than once a day. What I'm going to show later in this post is going to make you doubt this, but I'm going to show this anyway. And I promise....I really do clean my floors each morning.

Several weeks ago when my in-laws were here, I started knitting a cotton cover for my Swiffer. I had found the pattern here
I thought I would just give this knitted cover a try. My thoughts were I'd make a few and maybe not have to buy so many of the disposable sheets. I really had my doubts though as to whether this cover would really work. This afternoon I finished the last few stitches on that first knitted cover, sewed the side seams, and put it on my Swiffer handle. See....here it is.
I decided to run it over the same area of the floor I swept and dust mopped this morning just to see how it was going to work. I put it on dry....not wetting or spraying anything on it. I think I'm going to be making plenty more of these little covers because look what it picked up!
Yes, I know this looks awful....but.....see all that dust! It makes me feel like a sorry excuse for a housekeeper since I know I cleaned the same floor this morning. Maybe I can just blame the dust on this critter. Yep, that's right....Truffles my kitty!
I know Truffles contributes to the dust, but she is a lot of company to me during the day. She has a unique personality and makes herself right at home with all of us....

even DH. Don't they look comfortable! They were watching the new tv we bought. We finally bought a new one after having the old one for 15 years. Now my next "to do" item is finding a cabinet for it so I can hide all those ugly cords!


Amelia said...

What a neat idea plus it saves you money in the long run. I have three kitties and sometimes I think they shed enough hair to make another cat. but Oh do I ever love them...

Stay cool, enjoy life, and giggle.

Norma said...

I think I need to try this again. I like the bright colors you put on there too!

Lucky you, a new TV........maybe we will do the same, someday? LOL I am going to tell him you got one, I NEED one! That line across the top is getting a bit much.

jovaliquilts said...

What a clever idea! Seems to really work. Maybe that's why cats like yarn so much??? :)

Sue said...

How did you make it?? I have a swiffer but it just sits for a while when I run out of pads for it, I have lots of yarn floating around here, though, I would love to make these!