Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Papercut Progress

Stitching with my Wed. sewing group was a lot of fun. I took my camera, but there really wasn't anything to photograph. We were all stitching away, but no one had anything to show. Some of ladies are working on some things that will be beautiful....and I will take pictures when they get a little more done. I enjoy this group so much. If any one of us has a challenge with their project, there is always someone that can help them. Quilters are such wonderful people.

I am slowly stitching away on my papercuts. Since I haven't shared any pictures of those in a's the one I'm almost finished with. I still have four more little cutout areas to stitch. If you look closely at the block, you can probably see the areas that I need to work on.

I have a collection of batiks similar this one that I am using, and I'm planning to make a queen size quilt with these. This is a project that I have set no time limits on, and I lay it aside when I have other things I need to get done. I'll be putting it aside to work on 2 baby quilts soon.

Some time ago I showed some papercut blocks that I'm calling Licorice and Rainbow Sherbert. I haven't worked on them in a while because I had not decided how to put them together. There are 4 completed blocks, but I decided I wanted to set them on point. In order to do that, I needed another block....and the problem with that is I have no more of the rainbow batik. Some of my friends suggested I use a fabric close in color....and put that block in the center......then use that same fabric again in the borders. I have decided that is the right thing to do, so as soon as I finish the block I'm working on, I'll start on this 5th block. Here's my blocks as I'm thinking of laying them out. Can you tell that the fabric in that center block is different from the batik in the other blocks? As I have mentioned before, these papercut blocks are Garden City Gateworks patterns,and you can find them on Dinah's website at I'm not affiliated with her...just a friend and satisfied customer.


Pam said...

Those blocks are just beautiful. I can't tell that the piece of fabric in the centre is different from the finished blocks. I think that once the block is finished it will be even harder to see that it is different fabric. Beautiful on the black background!

Piecefulafternoon said...

Oh those are so very lovely. Great work - and I enjoyed seeing the heron too.

Norma said...

I don't see much difference either, beings there is just the center one, it will look like you planned it. Besides, those blocks are so lovely that no one is going to be looking at the fabric much!

They are wonderful!