Tuesday, April 28, 2009

What's going on.....

What's going on in my little section of the world? ?

I've been outside playing in the dirt! My DH built me some nice little raised beds so I could plant my tomatoes and peppers in the ground instead of in pots. I worked this past Friday getting those in the ground.
These plants have really grown over the weekend because we've had lots of rain. Nothing like rain water for plants to really take off growing! I'll take pictures again soon because I did add some marigolds along the edges of the beds to make them look nice in addition to providing some tasty tomatoes and peppers.

DH and I also went to a nursery this weekend to look at some materials for some additional landscaping we want to do. I saw this bleeding heart...and since the plants were 25% off....I had to have one for my little shade garden. I have a hosta and a clematis growing here also. The clematis already has buds on it!
I plant impatiens in this bed too. I still have to buy those.

One of the nice things about this house is my view out the back. My neighbor loves to work in the yard and his yard is beautiful. I enjoy seeing these dogwood trees in bloom each spring. The windows in my sewing room are upstairs and look out in this same direction.
And now.....for what I've been stitching lately. I have a niece getting married at the end of the month. I make a set of tea towels for nieces and nephews when they marry. I include some knitted dish-cloths and give them money to use on something they didn't get. I have 5 of the 7 towels completed, and only one and half to stitch yet. I've got to get them done as the wedding is May 30. We may not be get to go to the wedding since it is in TX, so I have to get them done in time to mail them.
I hope the bride will like these. I made a set for her sister who married last year. Someday I want to make a set for myself. These are the old fashion flour sack type fabric. I've bought some at one of the large stores...they come in packs of 5....but they are thin and not good quality. I ordered these from www.colonialpatterns.com and I'm very pleased as they are heavy weight and good quality. I have no affiliation with them......I'm just a very satisfied customer.


Crispy said...

You have been very busy!! Do you make salsa from your tomatoes and peppers? Love the dish towels, the flour sack towels are the best, it's all I use. Is the pattern one of those Aunt Martha's?


Norma said...

How great to finally be able to play in the dirt! Enjoy those raised beds.

The tea towels bring back memories, someone was always making a set in my family.

Teresa said...

A very nice gift if you ask me...I know I would love them. Your garden beds look so nice and nothing better than tomatoes fresh from the garden.

Sue said...

Hi, Belvie :) Your gardens look great, as do your tea towels!

Kristie said...

How nice! Looks like you have been busy with your beds! Can't wait to see them all in bloom!

Love the tea towels! Very nice!

Granny Lyn said...

Those beds are the perfect size!

there used to be a show on about 4x4 gardening, and I loved it! they said small gardens are easier to weed, harvest, and water...let me know, will you?

love your little stitches!

Cat Lady said...

Bleeding hearts have always been one of my favorite spring perennials.

I love the cat tea towels too!

And why wouldn't I?