Friday, May 8, 2009


What have I been doing? I've been busy working with my little garden and my houseplants. In my last post, I showed you a picture of my raised beds with the new plants I'd just planted. I snapped a few pictures this morning to show how things are progressing.
We've had a lot of cool, rainy days and the plants love those conditions.

I bought a few flowers and some parsley and put them in the half barrel on my patio. The chives are from last year and we have been enjoying those in some salads for some time now.

I have another pot on my patio and I planted two varieties of lantana and a pink verbena in it. I love the fact that both of these flowers have lots of shading to the blooms they produce. Hummingbirds seem to love the flowers. I'm hoping they will help draw the little hummers as I love watching them. Last year they would gather nectar from the flowers, then visit my hummingbird feeders, and then they would perch on my tomato cages and take a break.

DH and I moved all the houseplants that spend the winter in the basement out to the patio where they will stay until next fall. I have had 2 amaryllis bulbs that I have had for 8+ years. I can never manage to treat them right so they bloom at Christmas......mine always bloom in May. This year is no exception. I enjoy the lovely bloom whenever it appears.

I'll snap another picture when the blossoms are fully open.

And now for my stitching progress. The tea towels are complete and will be going in the mail this next week to my niece. Other than completing those tea towels, I really haven't had much time for stitching. I'm hoping to change that this next week. I have two baby quilts to get made!

I'm headed outside this afternoon to mow my lawn. With all the rain.....I can just see the grass growing!

Thanks for visiting and....

Happy Mother's Day!


Amelia said...

So enjoyed looking at your flowers and yard.

This rain has slowed the progress for us as far as gardening is concerned - both vegetable and flower. The yard is terrible looking - has not been mowed in nearly two weeks...too wet...rain practiclly every day. My amaryllis is starting to bloom also...I plant mine in the ground each spring - then take them up in the fall.

Are either of your children going to be home for Mother's Day? Enjoy the special day in what ever you opt to do.

Anonymous said...

I love growing plants in a barrel and haven't had one in too long, I should get one this summer and put it on the kitchen patio with some herbs, although I have herbs growing out there along the sidewalk.

Norma said...

There is that green, green grass again. We don't see that in AZ. I am so glad you can get out and enjoy your flowers now.

Lucky bride to be to have the handmade tea towels.

Crispy said...

Your garden is lovely Belvie. I love having chives growing in the garden. My neighbor's children love them too. I allow their grazing as long as they leave half of them for me LOL.