Saturday, May 16, 2009

Friday at my house

Take a look at this! This is what Friday evening looked like at my house. Sorry for the glare, but I was trying to stay safe inside, yet get a picture of the dark storm clouds moving in to our area. This shot is looking north. See how dark it was just above the roofline of my neighbors house. I was really afraid these storms were going to bring more than just rain.

My internet was down and the tv was off, so I was really watching the clouds for anything that looked remotely like a tornado. That's one thing about living in the midwest that I do NOT like.
We were very lucky to just get hard rain. No hail and no tornadoes....just lots of rain. My garden and flowers really appreciate the drink!
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Amelia said...

I agree those were wicked looking clouds..glad it was just rain and nothing more.

Piecefulafternoon said...

Glad it was just rain - we lived in Kansas - near Kansas City, for three years and had two tornados come straight for our house - lift off the ground as they passed over us and destroy buildings just down the street - I was never so happy to get back to CA after we left there.

Crispy said...

Oh man Belvie, those are spooking looking clouds!! It's weird, I'm looking at your storm clouds and all of a sudden the town sirens went off...made me jump.


Teresa said...

Wow..those are some scary looking clouds. Good to hear all was ok.

Kristie said...

Glad you were safe! Those clouds are dark! I just hate storms! Years ago, my oldest son and I were in a small tornado in OH and it scared the living daylights out of me! Now I get nervous everytime it storms or we get high winds!