Tuesday, May 26, 2009

No pictures today! I did sew a few more blocks over the weekend, but no where near what I had planned. I hope to work on them later today after I run a few errands.

So....what did I do over the holiday weekend?? DH and I scrapped and painted the trim on the front of our house. It gets direct sun there and the paint was beginning to fail. It was hot and humid and the work was dirty. We worked on Saturday and Sunday because rain was in the forecast for Memorial Day. It did just that! We had a slow, drizzly rain most of the day.


Crispy said...

I had to work Saturday & Sunday and then it rained HARD all day Monday so Bob and I just hung out. I'm still slaving away on the baby quilt but am almost done quilting the blocks and the border should go pretty fast. I am soooo ready to start a new project. I know what you mean about scraping paint, we still need to finish the trim and then to tackle the detached garage. It'll all get done eventually....just like quilting LOL.


Winona said...

Hi Belvie, we are getting lots of rain now, but at least it is a gentle kind that is good for the garden. Winona