Thursday, May 14, 2009

Clematis progress

I've promised to share pictures of the blooming progress of my clematis, so if you aren't interested .....that is all I'm sharing in this post. We had rain last night and apparently the clematis liked that. Here's how it looks today.

I just love these blooms. See those kind of hair-like, fiberous centers on the flower. When the petals fall off, those centers remain and they turn a little more tan than they appear here. That really shows up against the green leaves and adds a lot of interest when the flowers are gone.

I thought I would also take a picture from the other side of the plant so you can see that it has blooms all over it.

I promise I will share some stitching related again. I did iron some transfers onto tea towels yesterday evening. I don't think those are worthy of a photograh, but I promise to share when I start stitching on them. I decided to get started on another set, and this one just might be mine!Posted by Picasa


Norma said...

I guess you are sure that you are having Spring when this lovely plant blooms! It is wonderful to see in pictures so I can imagine how great it is in person.

Will it bloom like this all summer and into the fall?

Amelia said...

So pretty - now you are making me more anxious to get one. Stopped by a place today that sells bedding plants, shrubs, etc...did they have a clematis - no - not even guess I will check at Lowes when we go next time.

Winona said...

Oh my Belvie, it just keeps getting prettier and prettier! Thank you for sharing. I remember my grandpa had one of these and loved it, but I don't remember it as being this pretty. Of course, I was a kid, so probably didn't pay attention. LOL Winona

Kristie said...

Oh Belvie, those blooms are just beautiful! I just love the color!

Have a wonderful weekend!