Monday, April 6, 2009

Spring....maybe not

Good COLD Monday morning! I thought spring was coming, but maybe not. Yesterday there were snowflakes in the air again and it is 29 degrees F as I write.

I have tons to do to recover from our recent trip, but one of my friends called last night to remind me that today is the day our monthly sewing group meets. I've not been the last 2 months because of other commitments or weather. So today I'm dropping everything I was going to do, and I'm going to sit, sew, drink coffee and talk! There are only 7 of us in the group. I'll take my camera and if someone has something to show, I'll ask permission to share it. Some months there is lots shown and some months nothing. We all enjoy our time together so much while we stitch.


Amelia said...

Cold here too - and that wind is wild again today. I am so ready for warm weather - to be able to put out flowers and dig in the dirt.

Enjoy your quilting group today...and show us pictures if something is worthy.

Norma said...

It is supposed to hit 88 degrees here are blooming all over. You all need to head west!

Anonymous said...

We had blowing light snow here today too and the wind made the temp feel colder. We're hoping the local orchards and flowering trees are not damaged tonight with the forecasted possible freeze.