Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Record posting day for me.....3 in one day!! I've had visitors and I thought I would share some photos.

I am busy with laundry today. As I was taking a break, I walked over to look out my back windows at the pond by my house. Look who is back!

The Blue Heron. I've posted on this blog about a single heron that visits the pond by my house for about 3 years now. I'm assuming this is the same one. Just before I snapped this shot, he caught a fish, and you could see it wiggling as he swallowed it. I'm sorry the photo isn't better, but I snapped it through the window and I didn't want to scare him. Maybe I should say him/her. I need to look closely at the identifying marks and then get my book on birds and figure out if it is a male or female.

The finch have also been visiting my bird feeder today. I love these little birds!

Looks as if some lazy homeowner needs to get outside and fill the other feeder for the little birdies. Maybe spring really is coming to my little corner of the world....and the birds are telling me so.


Norma said...

What fun to see "it" catch lunch! Along with the flowers, birds are a good sign so there is hope!

Crispy said...

Hi Belvie, I keep hoping spring has finally sprung in ND, but nothing is for sure yet LOL. It looks like your pond has some excess water still, but how fun to be able to watch wild life!!

Have a Happy Easter >:o)

Crispy (Hand Piecing & Applique Group) (My Blog:

Teresa said...

Your papercut blocks are so impressive. Are you doing needleturn applique on them? I am going to have to check out your friends website and order this pattern.