Friday, November 23, 2007 as promised! Can't believe I'm posting twice in one day.

Here's the medallion block. Not a lot of progress since my last picture of it a long time ago. I'm only working on it at Wed. sewing group as I have so many other things to get done before Christmas. After the holidays, I'm planning to devote all my time to getting the Conway Album put together.
I've also dusted off my knitting skills. When we went to Texas, I couldn't applique in the car, so I took knitting along. I made several dishrags and have made several more since I got home. The black and white will go to DS and the green and white to DD. They already have some dishtowels in those colors so it was nice to find the cotton knitting yarn in their colors. I used Lily Sugar and Cream yarn for all of these. The little red and white one will go to the lady who has 8 of us come to her house once a month to quilt/sew and enjoy each others company.
I also knitted this blue dishrag from a pattern I found on the internet. I can't find my pattern to give the creator her proper credit at this time, but will find and post the link at a later date. Notice the image of Texas created by the stitches. Since I'm originally from TX, I couldn't resist giving it a try and this one will be just for me! The pastel multicolor was an experiment. I took 2 strands of size 10 crochet cotton that I had on hand and held those together to knit. I think I'm really going to like that one better than the ones I did with the "Sugar and Cream" as it is not as thick.
I have also finished a scarf for each of the kids. DS gets gray, DD gets the blue/green.
And to keep each of their heads warm, I made these.
DS gets the dark gray hat, DD gets the red...I think they call it a wimple. If you click on the link, it should take you to a pdf file of a pattern and description for one that I found online this morning. (Please be aware that I have not tried this pattern yet) I made my own pattern for this red one, but I'm saving the link to try to make one for myself when I'm not so pressed for time. Here is another picture of the wimple that I tried to take so you can see how it is worn. Imagine the white blog of batting as my face!

These 4 pieces....
Will become one of these.
OK....not a good photo! If you enlarge it, you will see the spout and handle of my clear glass teapot! The teapot sits on this.
A potholder that I made using a small quilt block, a piece of Insul-Bright(I'm not affiliated with this company, I just use the product) batting, and a backing square. Before I sewed it closed, I put in some whole cloves. It smells wonderful when a hot teapot sits on it.

And here is the flannel rag quilt I am working on. Notice that my very best feline friend, Truffles, likes this quilt too!

I didn't get pictures of the table I refinishing, but here is a picture of the chairs.
I will take a nice shot of the table and chairs together and post that later.

And since I mentioned in my other post about a few snowflakes at my house on's what my backyard still has today....Friday at noon.


Andrea said...

Busy, busy Belvie - lol ! Love all the knitted stuff and the chairs are fabulous - your son should love them ! I really want to make my dd a rag quilt but no time yet.

corry said...'re really have been busy!! Do you ever sleep? I love the knitted teacozy! And the applique..just gorgeous!