Friday, November 30, 2007


This picture describes my feelings right now. Just had a repairman here because I had noticed that my heatpump didn't seem to be acting just right yesterday. I think they thought I was a looney when I called and talked to them yesterday about sending a serviceman out. I always hear...."well, heatpumps sometimes act like that!" Well, I was right....and the news is not good. The unit has a serious freon leak and will be a major repair. Guesstimate is $1000+ Now we have to decide whether to repair a 6 yr. old unit that has had 2 major repairs already.....or whether to just go ahead and replace it...probably to the tune of $3000 to $5000. I'm a bit miffed because this unit is a well known brand that was suppose to be soooo reliable. Here's a hint....choo choo.....train. Well, this well known brand has not been a good one for us and I will not buy their product again. I'm going to count my blessings because we do have a backup gas furnace so we have heat. I'm just a bit put out because I expected a heatpump to last longer and this is not the time of year I wanted to spend major bucks on something like that.


mereth said...

Here in Australia we don't have furnaces, and as we're coming into summer now the idea of being cold is just a dim memory. But I suppose I'd feel the same if my air-conditioner was unreliable- don't want to go through summer without that modern invention!

loulee1 said...

(((Hugs))) To keep you warm.

Ugh! No you're right, I wouldn't want either of those bills right now.

Andrea said...

What a major pain in the bum !! These things always seem to have when you most need them and can least afford them.

Bren said...

We just put a new furnace in a couple of years ago. We found out the one we had was recalled (it was too late to get anything out of it) We ended up with an American Standard brand after MUCH research and have found there is little if any repairs done on these and they last FOREVER. Only problem...we had to play with the thermostat as it did SUCH a good job. It does not run long and the air force is wonderful.
How did your bread turn out??

Janet said...

Hi Belvie: my primary heat source is a woodstove so not much to wear out there, but what a costly pain in the butt you're facing.
I have just finished baking 3 loaves of oatmeal/brown bread for a community beans, ham and scalloped potaoes supper tonight and since they only needed two I sampled the other one hot with butter (just to be sure it was a success) Yum!!!