Thursday, January 17, 2008


Not much posting from me lately, but I do have a good excuse. I have been slowly working my way through my house de-cluttering, organizing, and cleaning. I've had some days by myself and I thought this would be a good time to really tackle things. My sewing room has become the dumping ground for sewing related items that had been strung throughout the house. I brought them upstairs, and piled them all on my cutting area to deal with when I finally got around to working in my sewing/computer room. Since it is 16 F at noon and I'm really not in the mood to go out and shovel snow....I decided today is the day to work up here in the sewing room where it is a bit warmer.

I've been reading some blogs where people have been showing their messy cutting tables and then listing 15 things they spy on it. I saw it on Wendy's blog today and decided I would share too. So, here it is.....

my cutting table with all its mess! I can see:
1. Stork scissors in my thread caddy
2. wrist pin cushion
3. spray bottle
4. iron
5. quilting rulers
6. power strip
7. folded DJ quilt top
8. zippers
9. thread
10. metal diamond template for a future project
11 mechanical pencils
12. white marking pencils
13. circle template
14. slacks waiting for repairs
15. small pink storage boxes
There's plenty more there! I hope you will check back again in a day or so to see what it looks like when I finish cleaning. I plan to post an after picture. I cleaned this room and posted a picture back on Dec. 1. Not putting things away as I should have has lead to this mess!

In an earlier post on Dec. 8, 2007, I wrote about Canadian geese and my thoughts concerning them. DS gave me a wonderful Christmas present.... a lovely handmade mug for my hot tea...and a goose!

This is a nice goose though because it won't leave a mess in my yard! I'm contemplating what I'm going to name it.

DD gave me a beautiful quilt calendar and a thimble for my collection. I love collecting thimbles.

Please be sure to enlarge the photo and read what's on the thimble!

We are a family who love to tease one another. Both kids did good this year!! Before I end this I want to show you a little craft item I picked up in Virginia a few years ago. I keep it on my kitchen stove as I see it there everyday. It describes exactly how I feel about my family.


Bren said...

Sewing tables can become messy very quickly...they also clean up quickly!
I love the thimble and calendar and the mug and goose are wonderful. Your kids did great!

Wendy said...

Ok your table is messier than win...LOL
Cute thimble....I don't think you're crabby...teehee

Kristie said...

I believe mine looks worse. :) I can't even see a table under the mess, I'm not even sure that it is still there. :)

CONNIE W said...

My cutting table is beyond messy. I don't even know where to begin to clean it off. LOVE the thimble!

Linda said...

I think I could better your messy table, don't think I can see the surface of mine.

Darlene said...

Love the thimble, Belvie! Your cutting table looks like so many others (mine included) You're in good company. LOL