Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Today I went to my Wednesday sewing group for the first time since before Thanksgiving. It was nice to be back with good friends talking and stitching. I worked on the center medallion of DD's quilt and made a little more progress. I sewed on another flower and started sewing on some berries. There are many berries on this I will be sewing berries for a while. Sorry, but I didn't take any pictures. I'll try to get some soon....and make my next post more sewing related.

I have several days where I don't have to worry about meals and laundry for DH, so I'm busy cleaning and organizing. This is what I worked on today.

I decided to clean out my spices and throw out some that I've had for several years. I know you aren't suppose to keep them for it was time for me to tackle this chore. After I cleaned....this is what my cabinet looked like. I can easily find whatever I need.

And since I was in the cleaning and organizing mood in the kitchen, I worked in my pantry. It looks neater than it has in a long time. Would you like to take a peak???
I've always kept a well stock pantry. I got in that habit back when we lived 30 miles from the nearest grocery store. I especially make sure I have plenty on hand during the winter when we get snow and ice. That way I don't have to get out when it is cold and nasty. I am person who also stocks up on things that I frequently use when I find them on sale. That's a habit that has served me well through the years in stretching our food budget. Some of my friends don't believe in keeping much food on hand, and they make fun of me because I do have a full pantry. I just tell them.....I'm prepared for a disaster and I won't starve!

During the Christmas holidays, I kept hoping my Christmas Cactus would bloom. I got this plant as a "welcome to the neighborhood" gift 12 years ago. Many years it has been in bloom at Christmas, but not this year. It has waited until January to provide its beautiful blooms.
Isn't it pretty!

I'm a plant lover and I have lots of houseplants.

Here's a just a few of the many I have.

I've had this plant for a very long time. It is 29 years old this year... and has been moved from Texas, to Virginia, and then to Missouri. I especially enjoy my houseplants in the winter when everything outside is so brown and bleak.


Norma said...

I did the pantry and cupboard the other day before I went to the grocery store. It really helps to know what you are out of when it is organized. We are doing good on this organization stuff!

Oh dear, I can not imagine having a plant for 29 years! Mine do good if they last 29 days! You must have a green thumb. My grandmother had beautiful plants and I have always tried but......don't think so! LOL

Looking forward to seeing some of your sewing progress.

Kristie said...

Everyone is cleaning and organizing! I really need to do some deep cleaning too. I love all of your houseplants. I used to have so many years ago. When my first husband and I divorced he poured bleach in every one of them, because he knew that I loved them so much. I have been trying over the years to get a few more. I think they are so relaxing to look at.

Bren said...

Way to go on the spices. Your Christmas Cactus is gorgeous. I love all your plants...very nice and they keep the air clean!! I am not gifted in the area of houseplants, though I have found a couple of varieties that can survive me.