Sunday, January 27, 2008

I've been shopping...

Lately I've complained a lot about the cold let me say that today is to be a beautiful day in my area. Abundant sunshine and temperatures in the 50's. I must say that isn't too bad for the KC metro area in the winter! Not to worry though, the weather man assures us winter will revisit us about mid-week.

I went to my favorite LQS on Friday. I needed to buy a few items to complete a birthday gift for a quilting friend who lives in Ohio. It was so much fun to fondle fabric and search for something to send to my friend.....especially since I have been out of the house very little since the first week of January. I finally decided on some fat quarters, thread, and a small apron pattern to complete the gift I'm sending. Here's a look at what I bought.
All of the brown and tan prints were from the same fabric line, but I thought it needed a pink and found one that I thought would work. What do you think? The thread is Precensia 100% cotton. I have not tried that brand of thread yet, but my LQS is carrying a large selection of it now. I bought the apron pattern because my friend is a long arm quilter. I thought she might like to make an apron like that to keep her tools at hand when she works.

Of course, I had to do a little shopping for me too!!! I didn't buy fabric though....and I'm so proud of me for that! I did buy two stitchery patterns that I thought were just wonderful.

I won't be starting them soon, but my philosophy is if you don't buy it when you see will be gone when you go back to get it! I plan to make the Bareroots pattern from stash scraps to hang in my sewing room. I don't have anything hanging on the walls in that room! We have lived in this house for 6 years. It was new when we bought it and for some reason....I have a real problem putting holes in the wall to hang things. Maybe it is because I know this is not the house we will always live in. Am I weird or what???

I bought the redwork pattern because I have been collecting Christmas print fabric for a long time. I am thinking of using those stitcheries as the center of the blocks and then doing something patchwork around them using the fabrics I've collected. This will be a project for another year, but at least I have the pattern bought. I'm going to put it in the box with my fabric.


Darlene said...

Wonderful treasures to send to a friend for her birthday. She'll love it all. :-)

And, your new stitchery patterns are so cute. Enjoy!

Wendy said...

Your friend will love the goodies you found. I love the browns and pinks too. The apron is a great idea and you found a wonderful pattern.
I just bought some of that same thread, I haven't tried it yet.

The new stitcheries are adorable, I have the bareroots and have the top pieced but not stitched.

Andrea said...

Fabulous fabrics - lucky friend. I love the bareroots pattern. Think I may do a little online search for that. I quite agree you need to buy things when you see them - that is my philosophy too.

Norma said...

I like both the patterns! I am trying to do some redwork, especially Christmas.

That is a lucky friend that you have....sounds like you took a lot of time to find something just right for her.

Glad you got out matter how much "stuff" we have, shopping is good for the soul. (and I know of what I speak..LOL)

Laura said...

I love redwork! I've never done it before, but I picked up some patterns and thread about 2 years ago. Hasn't been touched yet, but someday!

My husband calls me "Shotgun Sally" because I leave huge holes in the wall from hanging stuff! He forbids me from getting near the hammer! Those are beautiful fabrics for your friend, I'm sure she'll love them!

Bren said...

The fabrics for your friend are gorgeous!! I LOVE the Bareroots pattern...I may need to look that one up!