Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Is this what you thought???

Ok.....here's what I'm making.
Yes, that's right.....a bucket bag. Andrea, the Welsh Quilter, shared a wonderful tutorial back in June 2007. I've had that bag in my mind since she posted it and when I was cleaning scraps and came across this little collection of small pieces....I thought they would make a cute bag. None of my pieces are large enough to cut the lining and the handles, so I will be piecing them from smaller pieces. I'll share the completed bag when I get it done. It may be next week before I get it finished as I have some mad cleaning to complete before the end of the week! I've also got a ton of ironing to do. Anyone want to come help with that chore????

I had to get out and run a few errands yesterday. My local store probably knows I'm a sucker for plants and that's why they put them right by the door where I have to walk in! Yesterday they had African violets. I have several of those already, but I didn't have this particular color.

This little plant just said, "Take me home.....please!!!!". .........so I did. I thought the measly $2.47 wouldn't break the budget, and it would bring lots of bright moments to the dreary, wintery days we are having. Ahhhh! Dreaming of spring here....with temps dropping outside and snow in the forecast for afternoon.


Laura said...

I love your bag! How pretty! Can't wait to see the handles. And I love violets too - such beautiful flowers!

Norma said...

Let's see, that plant would last 2 hours and 47 minutes in my house.......not a good return on my investment. It is so pretty though....

I love the bag! I didn't have any idea what you were doing. I have heard it said you can make a lot from nothing and that proves it! Great gift idea.

Lucy said...

I love your african violet!! I enjoy mine every day. Now I'm looking for a light pink version. My favourite color :-)