Monday, July 16, 2007

7 things about me.

Several days ago Bren at Pieces From Me tagged me to tell 7 things about myself. She said I was to tag 7 more people. Since I am fairly new to blogging, I've decided to tell you 7 things about me, but I don't really know people well enough to tag them.

Here goes!
1. Ever since I was a little girl, I've wanted to live in the mountains in a log cabin. I did live 6 years in the mountains of Virginia, but I didn't get to live in my log cabin!! I visualize this cabin filled with rustic furniture, quilts, and a wonderful fireplace. I don't know why I like mountains so much, but I do. I grew up 60 miles from the coast of Texas. You would think I would like the beach, but not so....I do not enjoy going to the beach at all. Part of that could be that at age 28 I had skin cancer even though I did not sun bathe, I have medium toned skin, brown hair, and dark brown eyes. I was not the typical candidate for skin cancer.

2. My favorite color is blue. Maybe that is part of the reason that one of my favorite flowers is the Bluebonnet. I love the fields of Bluebonnets that bloom in Texas in the spring.

3. I hate hot, humid weather...and sweating! In the winter I can always put on layers of clothing to make myself comfortable....but in the summer, I can never take off enough to be cool and comfortable without becoming indecent. For the past few years, I have been experiencing what I call "personal summers". Those occur at any time of the year. Those of you who are 50ish will understand the term.

4. I do NOT eat chicken!!!! I grew up on a huge poultry farm in south Texas. I know too much about the product and it turns my stomach. I will prepare chicken for my family because they all love it. They tell me I do a good job cooking it, but I cannot tell you for sure because this is one food I will not even taste to see if the seasoning is just right. And please...don't offer me chicken soup when I'm sick as that is certain to make me throw up! When I prepare chicken for the family, I usually make myself a cheese sandwich. I don't want to know the details about making cheese because I'm sure there is something there to turn my stomach too!!!!

5. Since we are talking about chickens....I once had a pet chicken. I am a child of the 50's and in the area where I lived, the 5 and dime store would get live baby chicks during the Easter season. These chicks were always dyed various pastel colors and sold as pets for children. I got a pink one year. She lost the pink downy fuzz and got rusty red feathers. I had her trained to ride on the handle bars of my bike. Am I weird or what??? Hate chicken, but loved a chicken!

6. My kids think I am weird because I keep buttermilk in the refrigerator all the time. I like to use it when I cook. The reason they think I'm weird is I also like to pour cold buttermilk straight from the carton into a glass and drink it. Mmmm... Nothing like a glass of cold buttermilk! The kids always say in their opinion... it is like drinking sour milk.

7. I love to read. I have always felt that if I could read well, I could learn to do almost anything. I raised my kids telling them that almost everyday. I credit my love of reading to my 4th grade teacher. She encouraged us to read in every way she could and she always told us that "books are your window to the world." Being from a small, farming community...our world was very small and we really needed a window to realize there was more out there for us. I am pretty much a self taught quilter through reading and watching a few programs on TV. I had never taken a quilting class until a year ago when I started an applique class....and this past May, I took a hand quilting class. I also do several other forms of needlework that I have learned from reading instruction books.

7a. I have loved to sew since I made my first dress at age 12 from material that I had bought with my own money. My mother had always sewn everything we wore until that time. I was certain I could sew, but momma wouldn't let me use her electric sewing machine, so my great aunt let me use her old New Home treadle machine to sew that first dress. After momma realized that I really could sew, I was pretty much in charge of sewing all my own clothes. That great aunt has been gone for many years now, but when she passed, she left the old treadle machine to me. The cabinet is in very bad shape, but the machine still works and it sits in my family room covered with a cloth that I crocheted. Someday I will share a picture of it. By the way, my mother still sews on the old Brother sewing machine that she was so reluctant to let me use. It is 50+ years old! She refuses to part with it or to even try a new machine.

Hope these 7+ things reveal a little of the simple, yet complex person that I am! My husband says I can be so confusing sometimes. That's because I'm simply complex!


Pieces From Me said...

We are more alike than I thought! I too am having my own personal summers!

Darlene said...

Wow, we have many, many similar traits and our backgrounds are very much alike. I'm from South Texas, as well and spent alot of time on my grandparents ranch (they raised me). I learned to sew on my grandmother's treadle sewing machine. When she passed away she left it to me but my mom refuses to give it to me. :-( We'll have to chat sometime.

I understand about your 'personal summers' - oh it's been bad recently!