Monday, July 23, 2007

My Sewing Nest

Last week Darlene at Quilting Daze showed us her sewing chest and asked us to share a picture of our "nest" where we sew. Mine is nothing special. It's just a rocker/ recliner in my family room. I love this chair! I fell in love with the fabric because it is garden themed and I enjoy working with plants. It is also a very comfortable and soothing chair as it rocks like a glider rocker and it reclines when I'm tired. It also isn't real large and fits me very well. I'm 5 ft. 4 inches tall and my legs are short, so many of the large chairs just feel a bit uncomfortable if my feet don't touch the floor when I sit down. Most of my hand stitching is done as I sit in this chair. DH and I sit here to watch TV or talk in the evenings. My sewing machine is upstairs in one of the bedrooms that I use as my sewing/computer room.
The little cabinet to the right of the chair holds some books, magazines and projects that I'm working on...out of sight so it is a little less messy. However, the top of the cabinet remains a mess most of the time as it is now. You can see that it not only has my sewing stuff, but it also catches a lot of DH's junk! I can see a book and a golf score card there now. On my end of the cabinet top you can see my birdhouse pincushion and also a wool pincushion that found its way down from my sewing room. Of course, I have my OttLight by my chair which I use a lot at night. I got it new... for a bargain at a local clearance store. The little green footstool is always beside my chair. It usually holds the pieces and sewing tools for whatever I am working on. The mess on it now is the makings of a Cathedral Window Quilt that I have worked on for a long while. This was a project I started years ago as a "take along" project. I am using scraps for the little windows and I only pick it up when I have nothing else ready to stitch. I was preparing some of the little muslin blocks for that last night as I watched the Tour de France. Today I plan to get some more of DD applique quilt ready for stitching and will again put the Cathedral Windows back in their little box.

I have not cleaned up behind the chair in a while. The blue bag holds my portable quilting hoop that I used in the hand quilting class I took recently. That needs to go back to the closet in the sewing room!! I also keep a basket behind my chair with a few quilting magazines and quilting books. Usually the ones in the basket are ones I recently purchased. I do try to clean it out regularly so it doesn't get messy and overflow onto the floor.

You can also see the throw draped over my chair. It is sewing themed. I got it as a gift....perfect for someone who sews...don't you think! I also crochet and made the doily on the back of the chair. This area truly is a nest for me. Lots of things that bring me comfort surround me here! Now you've seen my nest.....and like Darlene.....I would like to see yours.


Wendy said...

That looks like the most comfy spot to be your nest. I like the cabinet next to your chair for hiding a few books and patterns. Thanks for sharing.

Bren said...

I love your chair. I sit at the end of our couch. Your light has me green with envy too. I really want one of those.

Darlene said...

Thanks so much for sharing your 'nest' - it looks like what I used to have. I love your chair and you're surrounded by everything you need and love. The perfect stitching nest.

Rose Marie said...

A "nest" is exactly what your spot is, surrounded by all the stuff you need. I'll have to do a photo of my spot also. Loved your applique post and you do lovely work!

Jeanne said...

I love your nest! It reminds me of my area, although I usually have more stuff surrounding me than I know what to do with.