Tuesday, July 17, 2007

I have been working on the center medallion for DD's quilt. The swags are now all sewn on. Today I am planning to sew on 4 ruched flowers. I had them pinned on in an earlier photo that I posted of this block, but today they will become permanently stitched on! If I have a good day, I will begin to add the other flowers out on the swags. Here's a progress photo.

I had so many thoughts of good things to write about before the ordeal of movers. Now my brain doesn't want to think or work so I guess I will just give it the vacation it desires. I hope there are others who have times like that. Maybe it is summer that is making me that way. I just move slow when it is hot.

In a usual summer, we have already had lots of days with very hot temps, but we have only had a few days above 90F. Today we are to be 95F and be humid. A good day to make sure I stay around air conditioning. Guess I shouldn't complain at all because Darlene in AZ has really been hot. I'm already looking forward to fall. That's my favorite time of the year.


Linda said...

Beautiful block Belvie. Don't worry those good things to write about will come back to you, it's only a temporary blank moment.

Pieces From Me said...

Your center medallion is spectacular. That empty nest thing can hit you on and off I think. Just wait it out and God will send something very soon to excite you!

Andrea said...

Your block is looking fabulous ! That applique looks very difficult to me. I have only done basic applique and have yet to master it properly !