Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Not much stitching happening here today. I had to skip my usual Wednesday sewing group because I had a doctor appointment this morning and some errands to run. Not a day I wanted to spend much time outside as it is so hot again. My flowers will definitely want a nice drink of cool water this evening late. Hot days like this means watering twice a day. The dry, hot southwest wind is blowing too, so that even zaps more of the moisture from the plants.

Since I had to miss sewing group, I'm excited as tomorrow is my monthly applique group/class. I go to a LQS and sew in a classroom setting lead by a lady who designs and sells patterns. I have been going to this class for over a year now, so I'm not really learning new techniques anymore....just going to stitch and for the companionship of others who enjoy applique as I do. I haven't been able to go to this since April, so I'm really looking forward to it. I plan to talk this lady to ask her permission before I post pictures on my blog. I'll share some of what I do in class if she has no problem with it. I am very much a person who enjoys working with the traditional, older patterns in piecing quilts. This applique was really stepping outside of my usual comfort zone. It was my first time to work with batiks. When I started....I had 2 pieces of batiks that amounted to less than a fat quarter. Now my batik stash has grown to this!
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Those drawers are filled with fat quarters or quarter yard cuts .... and as you can see, I need another 3 drawer cart. The drawers are stuffed so there was no way to get the pieces on top into the drawers. I accumulated this by buying a fat quarter here and there and never more than 5 at a time. The project I have been working on requires only small pieces of the batiks. That's why I only buy 1/4 yd. or fat quarters. When I'm in a picture taking mood, I'll try to open the drawers and get pictures of the colors. There are lots of them!


Bren said...

Sorry you had to miss your group. At least you have tomorrow to look forward to. Try the meme on my blog today. I didn't tag anyone in particular, but this is a good one!

Wendy said...

Don't they know appts should be scheduled around sewing group meetings :-)I look forward to seeing your applique...I hope you get permission.