Thursday, August 16, 2007

Enough already!! People are dying from this heat. DH and I went to Barnes and Noble bookstore around 6:30pm yesterday evening. It was like a blast furnace walking across the parking lot with the wind blowing and temp of 102 with heat index of 115....but the store was nice and cool. When we came out, there was a young woman laying on the sidewalk. She was conscious, but had passed out and fallen. The fire dept. and paramedics arrived and took care of her. I'm careful to drink lots of water and not over-exert myself with it being so hot. If you are in an area of extreme heat...please be safe and do the same.

I don't have any pictures to share today, but I will try to get some taken later today or tomorrow. I did go to my Wednesday sewing group and I am proud to say I have finished the last 12 1/2 inch block for the Conway Album. I am still stitching on the center medallion. It will be a while before I complete that. Today I am going to my monthly applique class. This is the one where I work on the botanical blocks. I'll also try to have a picture of something from that tomorrow. This is my third day in a row to go somewhere and stitch with friends. It's fun to visit, but I'm a homebody and looking forward to a calm week at home this next week.


Darlene said...

The heat is awful this year. I went out one day and didn't have any water; I was in and out of my car with numerous stops and when I got home it had taken it's toll on me. I was very dehydrated and it took me awhile to feel better. I learned a difficult lesson. Water goes everywhere I go now. Stay cool and enjoying stitching with friends.

Bren said...

Oh I hope that lady was ok. Water is so important in heat. It has been better here and we are expecting high temps to be 62 on Saturday! Down right chilly! Fall is coming!

Linda said...

We've been in the triple digits, yuck, it's so oppressive. I'm looking forward to Autum. How lucky you are to have others to sit and stitch with, enjoy your day.

Wendy said...

The heat is really bad in some areas, I'm hope we get some rain tonight.

Stitching with friends is always fun and loads of laughs.

Your cathedral windows are terrific.

Keep cool and drink lots of water.

Lesalicious said...

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