Sunday, August 12, 2007

The Very First Bag

Bren asked to see the very first bag I ever made....the one that gave me bagophobia. After making this one, I said I would never make another. I didn't either until the one pictured in my previous post.

Here's a little history of the "Very First Bag". I made it in 1983. My husband had returned to college.....we had 2 babies.....and NO money. I needed a new purse and couldn't afford one. I thought I could easily make one because I sewed everything we were wearing at the time except my husbands jeans. I dug in my fabric scraps and found the fabric. The only cost was the booklet with the pattern which I purchased at a TG&Y variety store in College Station, TX for $0.50. It wasn't really hard to make....but I just hated all the bulk. I swore I would never make another.
I did enjoy doing the little cross stitch initials on the front pocket though! I used waste canvas to do them.

And, yes Bren....this one has zippers. In fact, it has 2.

I used this purse for several years and washed it multiple times. It is a bit faded...and the binding on the front has come unsewn a bit, but it is still very useful. It now holds all my threads for tatting and crochet when we travel.


Bren said...

That is a really nice bag!! It is wonderful that you still use it. The zippers make me nervous. I am thinking velcro is my friend!!!

Sonnja said...

Your bag is verry nice!!
Kind regards,


loulee1 said...

Hi Belvie, I'm new to your blog, I just surfed in from somewhere! I loved reading about you first bag, your sons cushions and your old machines.
I remember my first bag, my first cushions and my learning to sew with my grandmothers old singer.
You've done a great job on your new bag.

Andrea said...

Seeing as this bag is almost 25 years old I would say it is looking remarkably good. It may have given you bagophobia but you sure must have stitched it well Belvie !