Friday, August 17, 2007

What I've done this week

I promised pictures yesterday of what I've done this here they are.
On Wednesday, I went to sewing group and was able to finish the last of the 12 1/2 inch blocks for my version of the Conway Album quilt for DD. Today I will be working on the center medallion again. Even though the small blocks are made and the medallion is nearing completion, there is still a lot of applique to do on the borders.
This is my ruched bluebonnets block. The blue fabric I used to make these was Benartex Gradations by Carol Bryer Fallert. It gave me the shading I wanted without having to piece together different blues. This quilt has a lot of ruching, and I'm really getting tired of doing it for anything requiring ruching that I haven't already made up will remain a blank spot for a while until I feel like making more. I may even decided to replace some of the ruching with a different flower that I like better.

Yesterday I went to LQS for my monthly applique class. I worked on this.
As you can see, I still have most of the leaves to stitch. The pattern is a Botanical Tiles design by Dinah Jefferies.

We had a lot of fun in class. The ladies are a wonderful, fun group. We share, joke, poke fun, and laugh together and Dinah has about as much fun doing that as we do. I was awful yesterday. Some of the ladies who had not done ruching before wanted her to show them how to do it. Oh my....just what I wanted to do after all that work on the bluebonnet block! They worked on ruching...and I just stitched away on my block you see above. I did listen and picked up some tips to try when I do work on my ruching again. So, maybe I wasn't so bad afterall.

Since this class is held at a LQS, I always go a little early so I can shop. As if I really need to do that!! I wasn't going to buy any fabric, but they had gotten in some new batiks. They were just to beautiful to resist, so I bought a few fat quarters. Here's what I got.
Since I have been complaining so much about the heat, I'll have to say it is so much better today. We are starting the morning about 10 degrees lower than it has been. The weatherman says we may only go to the high 80's today. A huge improvement!


Linda said...

I want to come and live where you 80's would be great, we're expecting around 95 today. So I'll spend the day with the a/c on all day. Love your blocks and your new fabrics are very yummy.

JoAnna said...

Your blocks are GORGEOUS. The bluebonnets are amazing.

Bren said...

The bluebonnets are wonderful!! What a fun day! The weather here was wonderful 78, sunny with a great breeze!! Charlotte wore a jacket and by evening we were all chilly. Feels like fall.

Sonnja said...

Your blocks are beautiful!!
Kind Regards,


corry said...

Love your applique work, that ruched bluebonnets block is gorgeous!