Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Nothing Quilty....Baking and Ironing

Yesterday was not a quilty day at my house. It was hot at my house again, 99. I decided it wasn't hot enough, so I thought I would do some baking to warm things up a little more and make the house smell nice. I made banana bread.....mostly because I had 4 bananas that I needed to use. I make banana bread in mini loaves and put them in the freezer for DH or for when we have company drop by and we want to serve a little something with coffee. I love banana bread, but don't eat it anymore because this recipe has a lot of sugar. Then I also had enough blueberries to make a batch of muffins. I do eat these because they only have 2 tablespoons of brown sugar for 12 muffins...and no oil. They are made with good things like oatmeal, yogurt, and apple juice. I had a muffin and coffee this morning for breakfast!

Today I have to iron. I have to be in the mood to iron, but DH is running out of slacks and shirts for work and I have got to get busy or I just might lose my job as " Head Household Engineer". Yeah!...Right!...Like anyone else would want my job. Once I get going on ironing, I usually do a lot....it's just the getting started on it that is a problem for me. I had a friend ask me why I don't send his things to the laundry and let them do it. If I did that....there would be less $$ to spend on quilty fabric and I certainly wouldn't want that! I wish someone would invent a miracle home ironing machine. I would be the first in line to purchase one.


Darlene said...

Banana bread and blueberry muffins - YUM.

Ironing - YUCK.


Linda said...

Oh yum those muffins sound scrumptous, could you share the recipe with us please? Seeing as your in the mood for ironing I'll send you mine. My job description as Chief cook and bottle washer does NOT include ironing....lol.... except where necessary.

Bren said...

Here's the trick to ironing...be so bad at it that DH has to iron his own!! That has worked for me. I agree with Linda...share the blueberry muffin recipe..my kids could actually eat that treat!

loulee1 said...

I'm with you on the ironing!