Tuesday, August 14, 2007

My Cathedral Windows Projects

I have something quilting related to share today...and yes, I did a little stitching last night. I think I have mentioned before that I have a Cathedral Windows quilt in the works. I experimented with a couple of methods of working on this. The first thing I made was this little wall hanging.

It is made with scraps of a Trip Around the World that I made for DD. With this wall hanging, everything was stitched by hand.

Then I decided I was going to make a pillow top to go with some of the other pastel things I have on the rocker that I used when my kids were babies. I made the rectangle you see draped over the back, but I never made it into a pillow. I just leave it draped there over the quilt. I'll post about that quilt another day.

I decided I wanted a Cathedral Window for my bed. This is a project I started with no deadline and assuming it would take years to do as it was to be what I work on when I'm between projects. Reading several books, I found a method where I could do the sewing on the muslin squares mostly by machine. I start out with a 7 inch square and I sew them like this.
Then I sew another seam...leaving an opening for turning. They look like this with the second seam.

Then I turn and press and have a square like this, but they are still are not ready for the fun part yet.

I still have to fold the corners to the center and secure them with a stitch so I get squares like this. This stitch is the first handwork I do to them, but from this point on....I do it all by hand.
Then I take these squares and I have decided to join them into a 9 patch configuration so they look like this. I decided on the 9 patch configuration because I thought it would be easy to handle as I sew in the colored squares. Later I will join the squares and fill in with color in the joining areas.
Now comes the fun part...adding color. I am using scraps of all colors to do this project.

You pin a colored square into a square on the muslin foundation, fold the loose edge over the edge of the color square and stitch into place. Because the loose edges are on the bias, you get a curved effect that makes this such a pretty piece.Last night I did a complete block of these.

This is a project that I plan to take a long time working on. No deadline....no pressure, just a hand sewing project to fill those times when I want to stitch and don't feel like working on applique or whatever. The nice part about this is when the last block is sewn together, the quilt is finished! There is no layering and quilting to this. The layers are in the folding of the muslin squares.

Today I am going to quilting group at the library. I am putting the Cathedral Window back in its box and I will be taking the Conway Album to sew on today. I am in the mood for applique again. Finally!!!


Andrea said...

Great explanation of how to do these. I saw a king sized cathedral window quilt at a show once and it was stunning ! Another great way to use up those bits. By the way great photo of your kids - do they know mum has put it on the web - lol !

Darlene said...

Awesome explanation! I've seen these being done but no one has ever explained to me how they are done. Thank you, Belvie!

BTW, I have lantana in that same color across the front of my house. At our other house we trained four shrubs do be a hedge - talk about blooming beauty. :-)

Pam said...

Great tutorial!! I have always wanted to make some of these and never could quite figure them out. Love the tutorial. I am going to start cutting up some muslin today!! Thank you so much.

Rose Marie said...

This is looking good ... what size does the block finish at? I've seen these quilts but never knew how they were done. This would be a good way to reduce scraps.