Friday, August 3, 2007

It's Here!!

Look at what arrived at my house in the mail today!! The beautiful pin cushion I won over at Darlene's. It's awful hot here today, but I thought just maybe there might be something in the mailbox for me. I opened my box and inside was the key to open the box where the mailman leaves a package if you have one. I put the key in, opened it, and sure enough.... inside was the box from the Surface of the Sun, AZ. I was like a kid in a candy store....just couldn't wait to get home and see what Darlene picked to send me. She must have remembered me mentioning that blue is my favorite color because that's what color she sent! Thanks Darlene! I love it and will think of you each time I sew.

I haven't done any sewing again today. We sold the old car our kids drove throughout their college years....a 16 year old Toyota with 195,000+ miles and still going strong. I had the paperwork on that to take care of. Dept. of Motor Vehicles in MO doesn't make doing anything simple!!! I've lived in Texas and Virginia and dealing with DMV in those states was easy, but not here. I won't rant anymore, but dealing with that is why I didn't sew today.

DH asked me for a date tonight!! Think we are going to dinner and then a movie. We haven't seen Harry Potter yet, so that's a possibility.


Bren said...

Love the pincushion!! A date!! How fun. Be home by curfew!

Darlene said...

I'm glad your pincushion arrived and that you like it. I didn't remember that blue was your favorite color but it looked sweet and thought you'd like it.
I hope you always have 'good thoughts' of me when you look at it. :-)