Thursday, August 9, 2007

I'm such a slug! One day of my time alone gone and nothing to show for it. I forgot that yesterday I had a meeting I had to go to, but it was for a good cause. I serve as the patient representative on a board for diabetes education in my area. We meet once a year to review the program and set new goals for improvement of services provided to those who are newly diagnosed or living with diabetes. I hope what I do there makes things easier for someone who is just learning they have this disease or who is struggling to cope with changes they have to make in their life because of it. I know from experience that it is not easy.

Now, on to what I have done today. No....not sew...or at least not yet.....but I did take myself over to the local JoAnn's to "fondle some fabric". And no.....I didn't just touch.....I also bought!!! Here's what came home with me.
I have several projects in mind here, but will just wait until I get some of them "in the works" before I tell you what they are. You can get an idea of what one of them is buy looking at some of the items in the photo. Some of this is Bren's fault. She talked about bagophobia on her blog and I told her I had the same disease. Seeing her conqueror the demon......I decided I could too!!


Linda said...

I thought I spied a bag pattern and zippers. If you get stuck, you have me email addy.

Wendy said...

I see zippers, ribbon and I think there are a couple of D rings hiding in there. You go girl! Can wait to see what you are making.

Bren said...

Oooh you can do it! If you can make tailored clothing you can for sure do this! Show me up with a zipper!!!!!