Thursday, June 28, 2007

Finished Projects, Old Projects, and Birds

Yesterday I said I thought I would finish the hand quilting on my project from the class I took. Here it is with the quilting all done! I am even more convinced that it needs to become a pillow.

I also did a little more sewing. I made some simple valances for the bedroom windows in DS's apt. They are made from some red and white strip fabric I had in my stash. I'm posting a picture of them on top of the quilt that has been on DS's bed in our house for many years. He really likes the quilt even though it was more appropriate when he was younger. I made it in the early 1990's. Took these pictures last night as the movers are coming today to inventory the kids stuff to see how many boxes will be needed to pack it properly. Thought I better get the photos before it goes away to live at his house and keep him warm!

Rose Marie also requested that I post a picture of the heron that visits the big pond by my house. My photo is not nearly as closeup as hers was! Can you see him? He's sitting on the black metal fence between the trees in the center of the photo. There is one lone heron that comes to eat fish from the pond beside my house. There has been only one coming to this pond for the 6 yrs. we have lived here. I feel that it is the same bird returning each year. He has always been a silent bird until this year. This year he decided to start making noise. Sometimes when he is flying in or leaving, he lets out the awfullest screech. In flight, he reminds me of some of the flying dinosaurs my kids were fascinated with when they were little. He is a rather ill-mannered bird. He swallows his food whole (no mother appreciates a child who does that)! And then when he eats his fill from the big pond....he often goes into my neighbor's yard to the small pond that he built by his deck and eats the little fish from the neighbor's pond. In the picture, the metal fencing is my neighbor's back fence. That day, the heron was slowly making his way toward the small pond. When I notice him being sneaky as he was that day, I will go out my back door and that is usually enough to get his mind off the neighbor's fish, and make the heron refocus on the fish in the big pond.
No walking at my house today. It's raining again. I won't complain though because there is nothing as wonderful as Mother Nature watering the plants!


Jeanne said...

Mother Nature watered our plants yesterday after a long period of no rain. Everything outside looks much happier today. I spotted the heron. How fun to have him visit regularly.
Your son's sailboat quilt is really cute, too.

Pieces From Me said...

Your hand quilting project will make a great pillow. Your son's quilt is wonderful. I will be making a sailboat quilt for zachs bed after Charlottes quilt is done. The heron seems entertaining. I do see him clearly on hte fence and can see why he would appear to be a prehistoric looking creature in the air. My son would love that! Bren

Mary said...

I love the boats - your quilting is wonderful.

Wendy said...

What a wonderful backyard you have. Very cute story of the heron and the picture is great.

Darlene said...

Your handquilted project is wonderful. I'd make a pillow, too. Thanks for sharing your journey with it.

Rose Marie said...

That's a great shot of the heron and loved your story. It's better to see them in a natural setting. Your son's quilt is bright and cheery and your handquilting is gorgeous.